Australia and New Zealand differ greatly, yet both boast incredible beaches. It can be hard to choose just one as an absolute favorite!

An ideal way to experience both countries is on a 38-day tour from Sydney to Queenstown – taking you all over Australia and New Zealand! From Sydney and its Great Barrier Reef, as well as Melbourne and Queenstown.

The Best Beaches to Visit on an Australia and New Zealand Tour

Awaroa Beach

Crowdfunding was crucial in raising millions of dollars to save Awaroa Beach from private ownership, returning it back to the state for future generations’ enjoyment. Dubbed as “People’s Beach”, Awaroa features golden sand and turquoise water making for an idyllic setting – the “People’s Beach”.

At its heart lies Abel Tasman National Park – home of some of New Zealand’s most iconic beaches. Surrounded by lush native forest, this beach provides some of the finest hiking in New Zealand as well as offering unparalleled wildlife sighting opportunities.

Be mesmerised as you watch the tide slowly retreat and reveal an intricate network of sandbanks. Walking across an estuary may be possible but is best done two hours either side of low tide for optimal results.

Hokitika Beach

Hokitika, situated on New Zealand’s South Island’s west coast, is one of the most picturesque and unspoiled beach towns. Renowned for its pounamu (greenstone) and whitebait production as well as a rich mining history, Hokitika makes an unforgettable visit.

Even with its popularity as a beach destination, town remains an intimate retreat with a peaceful ambience and temperate rainforest climate. There’s plenty to do while in town too from dolphin-feeding tours to wild food festivals – you won’t run out of things to do while visiting!

Consider embarking on a hiking excursion through Paparoa National Park – this scenic subtropical rainforest boasts waterfalls, panoramic views and rare native plant species!

Koehoe Beach

Koehoe Beach on the northern side of Point Reyes National Seashore offers an idyllic but less mainstream experience, accessible via a 0.6-mile trail that winds along marshes and over dunes.

Once there, the sand is soft and you can stroll for miles along an expansive oceanfront. Additionally, there’s an impressive rock outcrop to admire as well as mini tide pools home to marine life.

Sand grains found along beaches consist of quartz, yellowish translucent feldspar and dark minerals eroded from granitic rocks deposited here between 6-8 million years ago and folded and shaped by forces moving it north along the San Andreas Fault (which forms the boundary between Pacific Plate to the west and North American plate to the east).

Mission Bay

Mission Bay, situated on Auckland’s west coast, offers an idyllic spot for relaxing and enjoying the sunshine. Here you can indulge in everything from surfing and kayaking to shopping and eating out! The beach offers everything from surfing and kayaking lessons to ice cream treats and shopping opportunities.

Mission Bay offers the perfect escape for those looking to spend their day relaxing under the sun, with its picturesque pohutukawa-lined beaches offering plenty of entertainment and fun activities for both locals and visitors.

The expansive grassy area and sandy beaches make a fantastic spot for swimming, fishing, sailing, water skiing or simply lounging around for a picnic. This park also provides boat launches, running/bicycling trails, fire pits picnic tables and public restrooms – providing something fun for everyone in the family!

Mount Maunganui

Mount Maunganui, situated on the Bay of Plenty side of Tauranga Harbour and boasting one of New Zealand’s premier beaches is revered as a beach destination by both residents and holidaymakers. Boasting stunning white sand beaches that provide visitors with an idyllic spot for relaxation, it has long been one of the favorite vacation spots!

Main Beach is a popular surf beach that boasts warm, relaxing waters. Surrounded by an extensive boardwalk that can serve as your gathering spot for food or refreshments (ice cream etc), Main Beach makes for a pleasant beach day experience.

There is plenty to see and do nearby, with McLaren Falls Park providing walking tracks, waterfalls and spots where swimmers can swim for an ideal respite from beach life.